Get Rid of Belly Fat – Combining Diet and Exercise

In today’s fast food age where food, oil, and fat are common words encounter at the dining table, shedding that excess weight can be quite a pain. Belly fat can build up without you noticing and soon enough you begin to worry on how to lose belly fat just in time for your best friends wedding next month or on how to make that shirt fit on you (which just miraculously grew small?)- A shirt which was given to you as a gift just last week.

Get Rid of Belly Fat

Exercise at some point just wont work. It will have to be a belly fat diet coupled with an exercise that will target your belly fat and a lot of courage and determination.

Experts will advise you to cut down on specific food groups and tell you to go slow on your fast food cravings. You have to remember though that men and women have different metabolisms, hence, you need to consider sex as a factor when you try to get rid of belly fat.

Losing body fat correlates directly to the slimming down of your waist. Your exercise therefore should not only focus on losing belly fat but fat all over your body if you are in the overweight section already. Find a workout that is complete to give your body a boost in losing excess fat, pump your heart to speed up metabolism, and give your muscle a total workout to build them.

Fat that covers your muscles will be burned as energy when you perform a complete workout. This will shed that excess flab and expose the muscle from within. Go for workouts that you enjoy doing to avoid haphazard attempts in physical exercise as most tend to shrug off important parts of a workout, convincing himself that it does not really matter since what wants to target are those abs only. Swimming and playing basketball can be great alternatives to a fantastic cardio work out and strength training.

Get Rid of Belly Fat

Exercises to lose belly fat include strength training, cardio exercise to burn your caloric excesses and then muscle development. The ever famous stomach crunch is an exercise that strengthens abdominal muscles. Do not over extend your body when you bend forward. Instead, bend back and push forward halfway only. Stay there for about ten seconds (or until your stomach begins to feel the pressure) then bend back again to ease it. Consider doing ten repetitions for starters, increasing it as you progress. There are many variations of this exercise but the one thing they have in common is that they target abdominal muscles, strengthening them as you progress. Always remember that abs exercises do not remove belly fat. Rather they strengthen your abdominal muscles. It is important to note that to lose belly fat, you have to burn that excess luggage then develop the muscles afterwards. Cardio exercises must always be a part of your workout as focusing solely on your abs will not remove that belly fat-a myth that many people sadly believes.

Changing your regular eating habits will also augment your regimen. The accumulation of fat around your waist is the result of stress and eating lots of bad food which our body was not designed to accommodate. Carbohydrates that have been processed contribute to weight gain carbohydrates that have been refined are often the cause of hypertension and other heart ailments. Avoiding this type of food will greatly increase your success in targeting that excess flab.

Quit smoking and avoid alcohol altogether. Eat smaller meals every time you get that craving for food. Go for lots of water to discourage hunger from setting in. Do not expect to see results right away, so stay focused.

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