Lose Weight After Giving Birth

The most important point about losing weight after a pregnancy is, if you are breastfeeding, to provide enough nutrition for your baby; in this case a careful consideration to nutrition is advised while you are dieting. If you are using baby formula then you can go ahead and diet.

How Much Have You Put On?

The normal woman will make about 20 to 40 lbs of fat within the nine months of her pregnancy and with the calorie burning during labor the new mom will dispose of about 10lbs, so that leaves a surplus of around 10 to 20lbs she would have to lose to attain her starting weight when she conceived.

However, many women who were overweight before their pregnancy will take the post natal opportunity to get to a new sexy level of body weight. But that is going to require a little more work.

Once the new mom is over the shock and awe of giving birth, and realizing the task ahead is to be able to fit into her prenatal clothes, she can get down to repairing her life and getting back to normal. So this is really a mind-set adjustment first.

Positive Thinking

Shedding pounds after a pregnancy is not going to be easy and it will take a positive mental attitude, a strong image of the future for incentive, and a lot of patience. It is will take a while, at 1 or 2lbs a week, to lose 20lbs - you do the math, and will realistically be a couple of months (although that's not too long to wait) before any firm evidence of weight loss is seen.

Once the new program of dieting is started and adapted for life, the mom will be in peak condition by this time next year without even thinking about her diet, which by now will be her normal pattern of eating.

How to start your post natal diet

You have just given birth and I'm sure that your little tummy lodger (now evicted) will remind you constantly in several of his or her ways. So you still are not in a stable physical state to begin a fierce weight loss program. You have to take it easy, and although it is important to take the preliminary steps now to your new regime, you will have to move slowly. Your body needs time to get back to normal after its nine month ordeal. This is a time of adjustment.

At this early stage avoid any strict dieting and adopt the food swap policy. This is to dump all the white bread in your fridge and restock with whole-wheat bread, and look for a gentle weight loss program that you can control.

Coffee High

If you are an aficionado of the coffee pot, try cutting down of the caffeine blast and drink some Chamomile tea; replace three cups of coffee a day. Get sufficient sleep if you do this otherwise you might be faced with the ugly truth about how much you have been relying on coffee to keep you awake instead of a good night's sleep.

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