What Are the Best Work Out Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast?

So many people search and wonder if there are better and easier ways to lose belly fat. What sort of exercises to lose tummy fat should you be doing, and should you avoid?
So, first the bad news about losing tummy fat.
Fat can’t be lost in isolated areas i.e. you can’t spot treat or specifically lose tummy or thigh fat.  But you can build up the underlying muscle tissue while maintaining an aerobic routine to dramatically speed up the progress.  But some fat loss exercises are better than others.  And you definitely don’t need to buy the hottest ‘fat abdominizer for three easy payments’ to see good results.
One of the greatest thing about reducing tummy fat is that abdominal work outs can be done every day.  Using exercises to lose fat fast, you need to keep these consistent, that is- if you start a program, see it through and keep at it- be sure to include this in your overall fat-burning plan for best results.
“I know, I know that this seems old school or too painful but that’s what the media wants to brain wash us with so we buy their new ab workout gizmo for 4 easy payments.   This isn’t easy to start.  Ab exercises do get easier and you will start seeing better ab definition as you get more proficient and begin losing weight.
What Are the Best Work Out Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast?•The Rectus Abdominis Belly Flattener
Find a nice, clear and soft surface where you can lay down. Lay on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor- it’s best to keep your knees and your feet with a space about the same width of your hips.
Put your hands behind your head, much like you’re doing crunches, but be sure your elbows cannot be seen by you. Tuck your chin to your chest and continue to curl your body forward and upward so that your shoulder-blades, neck and head come off the floor.
Hold that pose for three to four counts and then, repeat.
Continue to repeat this as you feel comfortable, but remember- no seeing your elbows. If you can see your elbows, you will lessen the effectiveness of the work out.
•Isometric Crunches
Taking a deep breath, let a breath out- and then suck in your stomach. Hold this for ten seconds, release, relax and breath deeply. Continue to do this and as you do so, imagine you’re pushing your naval into your back. This is a great one because you can do it anywhere- so, long waits in doctor’s offices and the like can be opportunities for you to work on exercises to lose tummy fat.
• Flat Tummy for Beginners
What Are the Best Work Out Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast?If you’re just getting started on reducing tummy fat, you may find that some of the work outs can be intense. One thing that I have seen a great deal of success with, is the beginner tummy flattener sit up.

In a seated position on the floor, knees bent, put your feet flat on the floor under a heavy chair or something to stabilize them. You can always have a partner hold your feet.
With your hands behind your head begin to roll your head forward- move your shoulders with this movement. Lean back gently, but keep your head and shoulders as they are.
Now, simply hold this position as long as you can- even if your muscles are shaking, try to hold this at least 5 seconds. Slowly pull yourself back into that initial seated position, and repeat several times.
These are just a couple of the exercises to lose tummy fat that you can try. Bringing these into a strong, overall work out plan involving full body cardio is best and really balancing your program for losing tummy fat will help you to reach your goals.

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